Schading elements

Horizontal blinds

Aluminum horizontal blinds represent the largest market share. Wide range of different types, color combinations and diversity, they appeal to majority of customers.

The ISSO chain is one of the most used and best-selling products in the field of shading elements. It has a modern design and is designed for all types of plastic and wooden windows. With its aesthetic design and simple handling, it is a favorite addition to offices, schools, hospitals, flats and family homes.

A simple control system allows very light control of the intensity of light penetration into the interior.

Easy installation, affordability and minimal maintenance are reasons of ideal solution for all interiors. If we add a wide variety of color shades to the frame and lamella, it's guaranteed that you can find what you want and want for your window.


Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds belong to the group of interior shading elements. Unlike horizontal blinds, they vertically complement and complement the window space, thus replacing curtains. All fabrics have an antistatic surface that repels dust particles.

It is possible to make a atypic set of vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds are significant aesthetic part of interior.


Particularly suitable are in representative offices, banks, companies, offices, halls and similar. They meet the highest criteria of aesthetics and functionality of the most demanding customers. We offer them in a wide color scale. Operation is very simple, using only cord and chain. The vertical blinds consist of a white-nosed profile, vertical polyester lamellas hung on the upper rims with plastic holders in a colorful, non-irritating and anti-static design.

Fabric blinds


Fabric roller blinds make one of the widest offer of decors and fabric colors that makes it easy to match window accessories to your interior. The colors are suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, but also for offices or social spaces and business centers. All customers will find what they need to enhance their living space.


Day / Night blinds excel in fabric cloth production by a unique system that regulates light transmission into the interior. This NEW product is a special combination of timeless design and modern aesthetics and is therefore suitable for modern, refurbished homes and apartments. Day / Night roller blinds are trendy products that drive your home with its elegance and luxurious finish for affordable price.

The functionality of the Day / Night roller blinds consists of double guiding of fabrics with alternating transparent and opaque stripes, while the light path is controlled by chain. Designed elements are combined with stitched light holes and fabric in a rich color design, making them an elegant complement to the interior.

Exterior blinds and shades


Exterior blinds and shades serve to protect the windows from external pollution and damage, unwanted sunlight, reduce noise and protect the privacy of your home. All types of exterior blinds and roller shades are an essential part of modern home and office buildings.


The C80 blinds are the most common type of blinds produced for our market. Lamels are in the shape of letters C.


Z90 blinds are made in the Z-shape. Their purpose is similar to the outer horizontal C80 blinds.

Insect screens

They are the most effective protection against insects in your home. The insect screen construction is made of aluminum.


Window insect screens are among the best-selling types in our offer. They are designed for mounting on all types of UPVS and wooden windows. They are characterized by the fact that the installation does not directly affect the construction of the window and there is no need for drilling. Thanks to the wide color variety we offer, our insect screens are fine-tuned to every window.


The insect screens doors are made of a high-quality, extruded, painted, aluminum profile. The design of this profile is a door. We offer this in the six most common window and door colors. Installation is done by mounting hinges in plain or self-locking design of doors.


Rolling insect screens are essential assortment in the manufacture of insect screens. They are mainly used on the windows of apartments where it is not possible to mount a solid network type. They are made of high-quality, extruded, painted, aluminum profile. The roller net is based on a rolled net drum and guide rails. Reinstalling the mesh into the drum secures the spring of the mechanism.


Rolling insect screens are an indispensable assortment in the manufacture of insect nets. The roller net is based on a rolled net drum and guide rails. They are mainly used on the balcony doors of the apartments, where it is not possible to mount an opening net door due to a small space. They are made of high-quality, extruded, painted, aluminum profile.

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