Installation and maintenance services

The quality of the installation is at least as important as the quality of the window itself. Poor quality of the installation can make even the best window less functional and can rapidly reduce its the lifespan. we therefore carry out the installation using authorized and properly trained assembly groups, even if windows are delivered through our regional business partners. Windows and doors can also be installed DIY style, but the guarantee will not cover the defects resulting from incorrect installation.

Preparation for installation

Before the installation, we recommend:

  • Please check and prepare the installation area according to agreed conditions
  • WARNING, exactness of the planned height of the final floor is of utmost importance, as the gap between the entrance door wing and the final floor is only 7 - 8mm
  • Please open the space for the windows / construction holes on the assembly date
  • Please make sure the access paths for handling and removing of material are free
  • Ensure availability of electricity and water

Take care to protect the area against dirt and dust, unless otherwise agreed.

Process of installation


After the installation

  • It is important that during the subsequent construction works, do not, in any case, remove the bottom support plates from bottom part !!! If this happens, it can affect the functionality of windows and doors.
  • Take care to remove the protective strips and film sheets from the products (max. 3 months after installation).
  • Ensure that products are protected against contamination and damage in the event of construction work being continued. Such protection is understood to mean full-area bonding of the PE-foil filler. If you have an elox surface finish (anodic oxidation), make sure that no alkaline substances are in contact (mortar, lime, concrete, etc.) Otherwise a non-removable and irreparable stain will appear on the surface.
  • If necessary, cut the installation foam just prior to plastering process.

Service and consultations

We offer you a complete warranty and post-warranty service of windows and shielding technology in our company. Based on our years of experience, we also provide comprehensive and professional consultations.